Founded in 1997, Ray of Sunshine Senior Care is proud to be the oldest licensed personal assistance services agency in Denton County.

When Alzheimer’s Comes After Another Serious Health Ailment

Alzheimer's Home Care in Lewisville TX

As we get older, we face increasing risks of certain health issues. Depending on family history, our dietary habits, or even other personal habits, the risks might be even greater. That is not going to change the reality that some will be diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, even as they are already grappling with other serious health […]

Home Care Makes Diabetic-Friendly Meals Easier for Seniors

Home Care in Denton TX

When seniors are first diagnosed with diabetes, one of the biggest changes for them to adjust to is often their diet. Learning how to cook diabetic-friendly meals is often something that feels overwhelming, especially if they also need to eat more often and change their diets radically. Add on other limitations that make cooking more […]

#1 Senior Care in Flower Mound, TX: Addressing the Healthcare Needs of Aging Veterans

Home Care | Denton | Ray of Sunshine Senior Care

Understanding the Challenges Faced by Aging Veterans 🤨 What are the physical, mental, and emotional challenges that aging veterans often encounter? Veterans can face various physical, mental, and emotional challenges as they age. Physical Challenges include mobility issues, vision loss, hearing loss, and pain management. Mental Challenges such as memory problems and cognitive decline may […]

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