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When Alzheimer’s Comes After Another Serious Health Ailment

Alzheimer's Home Care in Lewisville TX
Alzheimer's Home Care in Lewisville TX

As we get older, we face increasing risks of certain health issues. Depending on family history, our dietary habits, or even other personal habits, the risks might be even greater. That is not going to change the reality that some will be diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, even as they are already grappling with other serious health issues. Here are a few things to consider about dealing with Alzheimer’s along side other health concerns, and how Alzheimer’s home care can help.

What might those other health issues be?

Somebody could have recently had a stroke and are struggling through recovery. They may be facing a long, difficult road ahead without any real prospect of returning to their normal, old self.

Another person may have been battling cancer for years. Whatever it is, when diagnosed with Alzheimer’s on top of all that, it may feel like a cruel joke. Yet, in the morning, when they wake up and nobody else is around, they stroll to the bathroom and look in the mirror, they won’t be able to escape the reality that yes, this is what they are now facing on top of all other issues they been struggling with perhaps for years.

How can family best support somebody in this situation?

Whether it’s a spouse, adult child, grandchild, sibling, friend, or even a neighbor, it can be difficult to figure out what to say, what to do, or how to act with somebody who is going through one thing after another. Most people, when they hear the word ‘Alzheimer’s,’ think of memory loss to the point where the individual won’t even recognize their own loved ones.

It’s a difficult, lonely, dark road to travel, but it’s not one they have to travel alone. Yes, they will be going through the memory loss and all other signs and symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease by themselves, ultimately, but they don’t have to go through life alone.

The best thing any family member or friend can do is make sure they have the right support for this journey ahead. Many family members, especially adult children or spouses, think it’s their job to support this aging senior. They think, since they have the time, are close enough to them, or for whatever reason that they should be the primary caregiver.

It’s a noble act, but one that is fraught with challenges. Most of the time, even the best of intentions can find family members feeling overwhelmed. That’s why Alzheimer’s home care is something to consider early on, when that aging senior is still lucid and cogent enough to make reasonable decisions for themselves and their future.

Why Alzheimer’s Home Care?

Most people would prefer to remain at home, even die at home, than to go to another facility or hospital. The more experience a person has in supporting aging seniors with Alzheimer’s, the better. It is the perfect solution to a difficult, seemingly impossible, situation.

An experienced Alzheimer’s home care aide will likely have worked with numerous other seniors with various forms of dementia, including Alzheimer’s. They will be equipped with patience, understanding, compassion, strategies, and a great deal of support when they work for an agency.

When Alzheimer’s comes on the heels of other serious health issues, it doesn’t seem fair. Yet, having the right in-home care support changes perspective.

If you or an aging loved one are considering Alzheimer’s home care in Lewisville, TX, please contact the caring staff at Ray of Sunshine Senior Care today! (940) 310-3105

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