Founded in 1997, Ray of Sunshine Senior Care is proud to be the oldest licensed personal assistance services agency in Denton County.

Hygiene Assistance For Seniors Living Alone

Personal Care at Home in Carrollton TX

One of the things that seniors living alone often struggle with is hygiene. As seniors get older they may find that showering, brushing their teeth, and other hygiene tasks are getting very difficult. Personal care at home can help seniors by providing compassionate assistance with hygiene tasks. Your senior mom or dad may be embarrassed […]

Six Ways Senior Home Care Helps Injured Seniors Recover

Senior Home Care in Grapevine TX

When seniors get injured, they suddenly get a new perspective on what areas of life are a little more difficult than they were before the injury. The biggest concern, of course, is keeping seniors as safe as possible and helping them to avoid reinjuring themselves while they heal. Senior home care services can be a […]

What Are the Different Types of Dementia?

Alzheimer's Care in Aubrey TX

Dementia is a term that often gets used interchangeably with Alzheimer’s disease and other cognitive illnesses that tend to affect seniors. Alzheimer’s disease is a type of dementia, but there are others, as well. After a diagnosis, families can often find themselves overwhelmed and not knowing where to turn for the help that they need. […]

Elevate Your Home Care Experience with Our 5-Point Peace of Mind Program

Would you like more peace of mind in your life today? Achieving peace of mind seems more like a distant dream than an attainable reality, especially when it comes to caring for our loved ones. At Home Care Insights, we understand these challenges and are here to offer you hope through our unique Peace of […]

What Is Food Hoarding?

In-Home Care in Coppell TX

When you think of hoarding you may not think about food hoarding. This is a behavior some seniors may engage in as they get older because they fear having no food. Food hoarding is what happens when a senior collects, stores, and steals food. This food may not be needed or it could be bad. […]

How to Tell if Your Senior Can No Longer Live Alone

Senior Home Care in Keller TX

So many aging people want to live at home for the rest of their days. In theory, it is a really good idea and it has become a romantic thing to do in life. Seniors more now than ever before are romanticizing their lives while they age in place. This may scare you because although […]

Companion Care at Home Empowers Seniors to Be More Independent

Companion Care at Home in Gainesville TX

Maintaining independence is often one of the first goals seniors express when they acknowledge they’re getting older. This goal contributes to overall well-being and helps seniors to feel as if they have a purpose in life still. Companion care at home can be a valuable tool that seniors are able to put to good use […]

Exciting News: Introducing “Home Care Insights” by Ray of Sunshine Senior Care!

We’re thrilled to share that we have recently launched our brand-new YouTube channel, “Home Care Insights,” dedicated to illuminating the path to exceptional senior care. At Ray of Sunshine Senior Care, we believe that knowledge and compassion are essential ingredients for providing the best possible care for our beloved seniors. “Home Care Insights” is our […]

When Alzheimer’s Comes After Another Serious Health Ailment

Alzheimer's Home Care in Lewisville TX

As we get older, we face increasing risks of certain health issues. Depending on family history, our dietary habits, or even other personal habits, the risks might be even greater. That is not going to change the reality that some will be diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, even as they are already grappling with other serious health […]

Home Care Makes Diabetic-Friendly Meals Easier for Seniors

Home Care in Denton TX

When seniors are first diagnosed with diabetes, one of the biggest changes for them to adjust to is often their diet. Learning how to cook diabetic-friendly meals is often something that feels overwhelming, especially if they also need to eat more often and change their diets radically. Add on other limitations that make cooking more […]

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