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How to Tell if Your Senior Can No Longer Live Alone

Senior Home Care in Keller TX
Senior Home Care in Keller TX

So many aging people want to live at home for the rest of their days. In theory, it is a really good idea and it has become a romantic thing to do in life. Seniors more now than ever before are romanticizing their lives while they age in place. This may scare you because although it seems like a good idea your mom or dad may actually need more support they are not willing to ask you for. Just because your senior mom or dad may need more help around the house does not mean they need to give up their dreams of aging in place. Senior home care can help boost your loved one’s quality of life and ensure they stay safe.

Here are some signs that your senior needs more help at home:

They Aren’t Taking Care of Themselves

If your loved one is not bathing, not brushing their teeth, wearing the same dirty clothes, it could mean they need more help, this does not mean they need to be moved into a nursing home though. Your loved one may be forgetting to brush their teeth and need simple reminders from senior home, or they may need help stepping into the bath, or they need help folding clothes. By hiring senior home care you are hiring an extra set of hands and eyes that can help your loved one thrive. If you are worried about your mom or dads hygiene it is time to look for more help.

Unpaid Bills Lying Around the House

Your mom or dad may be forgetting to pay bills. Although not all caregivers will be comfortable with this task and they should not have access to any financial information, they can help your senior mom or dad manage their calendars. This may mean that every month they remind your loved one to sit down and look over bills. It could also mean they help a senior schedule time with a lawyer or family member who can pay bills on their behalf. There are tons of ways senior home care can help ensure your senior loved one is focused on responsibilities like paying bills.

They Forget Medications

Most senior home care cannot actually handle medications but what they can do is help your senior loved one stick to a routine and remind them of when they need to take medications. Another really helpful thing a senior home care provider can do is create a notebook or binder filled with important lists of medications and charts which will help everyone understand what a senior should and should not be taking and even what types of food to avoid. This binder can also be taken to a doctor so a senior does not forget any important details.

Driving Around Town

Your senior loved one is going to have tons of doctors appointments and they may not want to drive. Do not force a senior to drive, instead find other options. Most of the time senior home care will be able to help provide transportation for your loved one. If your senior needs help getting around this is a sign senior home care may be their best option.


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