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What Are the Risks to You if You Skip Respite Time?

Senior Care in Hickory Creek TX: Skipping regular respite time might not do much to you at first, but later you can experience some big issues.
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Skipping respite time might be really tempting for you as a caregiver. You might feel as if you’re saving time and energy, but there are some risks involved, too.

Maybe Nothing Happens for Now

In all honesty, it’s very likely that you can go quite some time without having to suffer any ill effects from not taking respite time. Most caregivers can push themselves quite a bit for a very long time. But that’s not something that you can sustain for a longer period of time. You have to take time for yourself or your body and your brain are going to take that time for you.

Depression and Withdrawal from Activities You Love

One of the big signs you’ll notice when you’ve skipped respite time too much is that you are feeling depressed. It might become extremely difficult to do the things you love to do and you might find that you aren’t doing much beyond being a caregiver anymore. This becomes worse the longer that it goes on.

Distraction and Cognitive Signs

When you’re not giving yourself downtime from caregiving, you’re allowing stress to build up. Your brain can only handle so much stress, so what happens is that your brain becomes easily distracted. It’s not so easy to concentrate on what you need to focus on and you might find that you’re experiencing trouble with your memory and with solving problems.

Emotional Symptoms

As if you weren’t having enough fun with depression and distraction, you’ve got other emotional symptoms to look forward to as well. Irritability and anxiety are some of the most common problems that you’re likely to experience, which can be very damaging to your personal relationships. Dealing with your emotions appropriately can help to ensure that you’re not taking them out on others, but this is difficult to manage when you’re overwhelmed with other issues.

Physical Symptoms

In addition to all of the other signs you’re getting that you need to slow down a bit, you’re also probably exhausted, having trouble sleeping, and maybe experiencing trouble with your appetite. Your body is off kilter and it’s not getting what it needs from you right now. The problem is that all of the other symptoms are likely getting in the way of you caring for yourself the way that you should.

As a caregiver, it’s just a good idea to make respite time a regular part of your routine. Hire senior care providers that you trust and let them take over for you now and again. Let them learn your senior’s needs and routines so that you can peacefully enjoy your time away from caregiving.

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