Caregivers in Frisco TX: 3 Reasons Hiring Home Care May Be the Best Choice for Your Senior Parent

Caregivers in Frisco TX: 3 Reasons Hiring Home Care May Be the Best Choice for Your Senior Parent

Do you hire a caregiver for your aging dad? Do you save money and provide the care he needs by yourself? It’s a tough decision that ultimately only you and your dad can make together. People who have been where you are do have advice. Most will tell you to hire caregivers for these reasons.

Some Aspects of Care Can Embarrass Both You and Your Dad

At some point as your dad ages and loses his abilities, he may need to be in adult diapers. He might not be able to properly wash himself. Bathing and toileting care services will become a daily task. Are you prepared to see your father naked and bathe and diaper him?

It can be very challenging, even when you love your father, to see him in such a weakened state. With a caregiver handling bathing and toileting, you may well be happier. Plus, you have to think about your dad. Would he really want you being the person to see him in these situations? Odds are that the thought of you having to help him with diapers and baths embarrasses him and makes him feel that he’ll lose some of his dignity.

You Can’t Do It All

Caring for an aging parent is a consuming task. Your day begins before your dad rises. If you’re in a relationship, you’ll be awake to see your significant other off to work. You might have kids you need to feed and make sure they get to school on time.

If your dad lives in his house, you’ll have to drive there. You have to get his medications ready, help him get out of bed and to the bathroom if he needs it, and prepare his breakfast and morning beverage. You have to make sure he’s dressed properly and gets some exercise. That’s just the morning. The day continues from there with you preparing meals, helping him as needed, and attending to your own responsibilities, too.

You’ll Both Need a Break

Do you know what respite care is? It’s essential a break for family caregivers. You may not think you’ll need a break from caring for your dad, but you will. Caring for a parent or other aging family member is hard emotionally and physically.

Respite care gives you the chance to refresh yourself. You’ll be able to run errands, go out with friends, or curl up alone in a bubble bath for a bit of “me time.” When you’re done, the caregiver leaves and you take back over. You’re refreshed and not as likely to be snappy or impatient with others.

Talk to a home care agency to learn more about respite care and other services caregivers provide. Both you and your dad will benefit from these senior care services. Call today.

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