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4 Ways that Disorganization Can Be Hazardous to Your Elderly Loved One

Home Care in Hickory Creek TX: If you've never considered disorganization to be a danger to your loved one, you might rethink after seeing how that can create a problem. Once you realize what can happen, you can find solutions that work.
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Home Care in Hickory Creek TX: 4 Ways that Disorganization Can Be Hazardous to Your Elderly Loved One

Most people think of disorganization as simply inconvenient. In reality, though, your elderly loved one could be endangered by even slight disorganization. Learning how to spot potential hazards in a disorganized home can help you keep her safe.

Clutter Creates a Fall Risk

Too much clutter is a danger for any home, but it can be especially hazardous for your elderly loved one. Look for piles or even groupings of items that are in the way. Move items that would do better in another spot. If those items are no longer useful, work with your loved one to figure out how to get rid of them and create more space for her.

Mail Piled up Creates a Fire Hazard

Some elderly loved ones don’t feel comfortable doing anything with their mail, but they don’t throw it away, either. This can lead to piles of mail all over the house. The problem is that can lead to a fire hazard, especially if the piles are significantly out of control. Get rid of junk mail and figure out a system that lets you and your loved one track her important mail.

Refrigerator Disorganization Can Lead to Spoiled Food

Having a disorganized refrigerator is more than simply difficult to manage at mealtimes. Piling leftovers in on top of each other means that food gets shoved to the back, where it’s easily forgotten. Forgotten food spoils and can create serious illnesses and even death. It’s also important to pay attention to items such as condiments that don’t have as high a turnaround as other foods do.

Difficult Storage Options Put Your Loved One Off Balance

Poorly planned storage options mean that your loved one might be off balance when she’s getting something out of a cabinet or that she uses a step stool when she really shouldn’t. Look for ways to make storage more accessible for your loved one. This might involve rearranging items and removing the need for a step stool

If your loved one has a difficult time keeping up with these tasks on her own, consider hiring home care providers to help both of you keep her home safer and more organized.

If you or an aging senior are considering hiring in-home care in Hickory Creek, TX, please contact the caring staff at Ray of Sunshine today! (940) 442-5374.

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