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What Kinds of Beverages Can Help Your Elderly Loved-One Stay Hydrated?

Elder Care in Denton: Keep Mom Hydrated this Summer!
Elder Care in Denton: Keep Mom Hydrated this Summer!


Water is absolutely the best beverage your loved one can drink in order to keep herself hydrated. Keep a water bottle filled and accessible so that your loved one always has plenty of water available. There are also bottles that you can get that encourage your loved one to drink more by using games or flashing lights.

Herbal Teas

Not everyone enjoys the flavor of plain water, unfortunately, so it can be difficult to get all the hydration your loved one needs if she’s not interested in drinking the water. Herbal teas give your loved one the benefits of water but with a little bit of added flavor. Keeping a variety on hand can mean that your loved one enjoys a wide range of different flavors, whether they’re hot or iced.

Coconut Water

Coconut water is another option if your loved one isn’t into plain water. It has tons of benefits, some electrolytes, and it’s not full of additives or extra sugar as long as you opt for unsweetened versions when you can. Coconut water is also a great option for mixing with other beverages, such as fruit juices.

Fruit Juices

You’ll want to be careful with offering your loved one fruit juices too often. They’re a great way to hydrate, but they’re usually full of a lot of sugar. Some brands may even contain added sugars. If you dilute fruit juice with water or with coconut water, you can still get some of the flavor of the fruit juice but with the benefits of the water or coconut water.

Club Soda or Seltzer Water

If your loved one misses the carbonation of sodas, then an occasional club soda or seltzer water can give her the feeling of the carbonation without all of the extra additives. Look for low-sodium versions, especially if your loved one is already on a low-sodium diet.

Switching up the beverages that you have on offer for your elderly loved one can help her to keep drinking them. Boredom might make her want to switch to less hydrating beverages like soda or coffee.

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