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Healthy Relationships Can Equal a Healthier Brain for Your Aging Adult

Senior Care in Lewisville TX: People who have a healthy and engaging social life are more likely to be able to keep their brains healthy, but what does that mean for your elderly family member? There are several different types of relationships your aging adult might want to foster.
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The world is made up of a variety of different relationships and these can be so powerful for keeping your elderly family member’s brain strong. Every type of relationship has something different to offer your aging adult, too. Here are just a few of the relationship types that your aging adult might want to include more of in her life.

Friendships and Family Relationships

Some of the most common relationships for your elderly family member are likely to be friends and other family members. If your senior’s friends and family are scattered, there are still ways for them to keep in touch. Help your elderly family member to use as many of these different techniques as she can to maintain strong relationships with the people she cares about.

Other Social Activities

Neighbors, other support group members, and even senior care providers can also add a social element to your elderly family member’s day. These are folks who may not know your elderly family member as well as her friends and family, but they help to bring a touch of joy to her life. Some of these folks might be people that your aging adult sees less often, but that doesn’t make them less important in her life.

Volunteering and Making a Difference

Some aging adults find that making a difference and volunteering in their communities is a piece to the socializing puzzle that they’ve been missing. Often older adults were too busy with families and careers earlier in their lives to volunteer the way that they wanted to. Doing so now can give them a boost to their self-esteem that helps them to feel involved in their community.


Humans aren’t the only important relationships your aging adult might enjoy. Having a pet around gives your elderly family member someone else to care for and can be a tremendous source of comfort. If your senior is able to have a pet, consider the benefits of helping her to find the right one. Visiting an animal shelter together can help her to find just the right new friend.

If your elderly family member doesn’t enjoy being excessively social, that’s okay, too. What you’re striving for is a balance that keeps her from isolating herself.

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