Elderly Care in Hickory Creek TX: Safety Checklist for Your Senior's Bath and Shower

Elderly Care in Hickory Creek TX Safety Checklist for Your Senior’s Bath and Shower

For many elderly adults, bathing is the first task where they experience challenges that may require them to seek out assistance and support. Mobility issues, balance problems, lack of range of motion, and even cognitive functioning to climb can all contribute to your aging parent having a more difficult time taking a bath or shower. Fortunately, taking steps to improve the safety of their bath and shower can make it easier for your senior to manage this important task either on their own, or with the support and assistance of you, or an elderly care provider.

Use this safety checklist to ensure your seniors bath and shower are safe:

  • Ensure there are adequate grab bars inside the bath or shower to provide support when stepping inside
  • A mat or adhesive shapes should be used on the bottom of the tub to reduce the risk of slipping
  • A bath bench or chair can provide more stability and give your parent more control over their bathing
  • Use dispensers for products such as shampoo, conditioner, and body wash that only allow a small amount of the product out at a time. Too much product released can result in a slippery bottom of the tub
  • Do not leave a razor in the tub when not in use
  • Mark the handles to remind a senior with cognitive functioning issues which is hot water and which is cold
  • Consider lowering the temperature on the hot water heater to reduce the risk of scalding
  • Add a rubberized cover to the faucet to reduce the risk of injuries if your parent should hit or run into the faucet

Potentially sensitive tasks such as helping your senior bathe can be some of the most difficult to fulfill in your role as a family caregiver. Not only may you feel strange about providing this type of care, and even not feel physically capable of doing it if you have your own strength or mobility issues, but they can be very uncomfortable for your aging parent. They may not feel comfortable being undressed in front of you, and particularly feel uncomfortable with you assisting with such a task. Fortunately, elderly care can help. Having a professional, neutral care provider with your senior can give them more peace of mind accepting help and assistance for this type of tasks. An elderly home care services provider can provide respectful, dignified, and effective care for sensitive to ask such as bathing so they are handled efficiently while still supporting your parent’s independence and sense of autonomy.

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