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Can You Still Help Your Senior Stay Safe as a Long-distance Caregiver?

Elderly Care in Frisco TX: Home safety is super important for every aging adult, but if you're a long-distance caregiver you might not be sure you're handling the right concerns.
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You might worry that you aren’t able to protect your senior family member’s safety as well from afar as you might be able to in person. With the different technological advancements available, there’s actually a lot that you and your senior can do even with you living in another area.

Look for Anything to Make Her Bathroom Safer

So many slips, trips, and falls happen in the bathroom that it pays for you to try to do everything that you can to make this room as safe as possible for your senior family member. Non-slip flooring, shower benches, and grab bars are just a few of the different devices that can make a significant difference for her overall safety.

Verify that Her Stairs Are Safe for Her

If your senior has stairs in her home, these are another part of the house that could potentially create some havoc. Make sure that the lighting is strong enough in the stairway that she can easily see where she’s placing her feet. A sturdy handrail is another must have. Consider adding a stair lift chair if you’re really concerned that your senior might have trouble. These types of devices are easy to use and allow your senior to stay safe as she rides the lift up or down the stairs.

Hire Elderly Care Providers to Stop In

Perhaps you can’t be there as much as you really want to be, but you can have elderly care providers stop in and check on your senior for you. They can offer companionship, do safety checks, and even help your senior to cook her meals every day. There’s a perfect combination of help that works just for your elderly family member’s situation.

Consider an Alarm System for Her Home

Alarm systems specifically for aging adults can offer both of you peace of mind. Some even use cameras to help you to check on your elderly family member from afar. Many of these types of systems can integrate with traditional home alarm systems, so your senior is protected on multiple levels from potential issues that could arise.

As you gain more experience with caregiving from a distance, you may start to become more comfortable with what your elderly family member needs the most in order to stay safe. Visiting as often as you can helps you to stay on top of whatever is changing in her life.

If you or an aging senior are considering hiring in-home elderly care in Frisco, TX, please contact the caring staff at Ray of Sunshine today! (940) 442-5374.

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