New caregivers sometimes feel overwhelmed by the many responsibilities involved in caring for a senior parent. They are suddenly exposed to all sorts of new experiences and tasks. Some of them are complicated by their parent’s physical or cognitive disabilities. One of the things that can make being a new caregiver easier is turning to experienced caregivers to learn some of the tricks of the trade that can simplify many daily tasks. Below are 7 hacks from experienced caregivers to try with your parent.

#1 Rotating Cushions for the Car

A rotating cushion can make getting into the car much easier for seniors. To use one, have the senior sit down on the seat of the car just as they would a kitchen chair. Then, swing the legs into the car. The rotating cushion will turn with them, making the move much easier.

#2 Glow in the Dark Tape

Glow in the dark tape makes an excellent guide for late night trips to the bathroom. Place strips of tape along the bottom of the wall and near light switches and the thermostat. If the senior needs to get up during the night, you may still need to turn on a light to prevent falling. However, glow in the dark tape can allow caregivers to leave lights off for their own nighttime trips and avoid waking the senior.

#3 Wrap Soap in a Nylon Stocking

Putting a bar of soap inside an old nylon stocking can make it easier for seniors to hold on to. If they drop the soap, the end of the stocking will keep the soap in reach.

#4 Playing Card Holder

If your parent enjoys playing card games, but has trouble holding the cards, a pool noodle can be adapted to become a card holder. Slice the noodle in half to create a flat surface to sit on the table. Then, create a slit in the rounded part of the noodles to slide the cards into.

#5 Rubber Bands for a Better Grip

To make slick glasses or bottles easier to hold, wrap them in rubber bands.

#6 Simplify the Remote Control

If your parent finds the remote control confusing, use tape to cover the buttons they don’t need to use. Leave the power, volume, and channel buttons uncovered. Write labels for the buttons on the tape surrounding them.

#7 Color Code Your Keys

Caregivers with multiple keys on their rings can make finding the right one easier by color coding them using nail polish.


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