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How to Get the Help You Need at Your Very First Family Meeting

Caregivers in Flower Mound TX: When you're worried about getting the help that you need, that first family meeting where you ask for help can be intimidating. If you prepare in advance, you increase your likelihood of getting what you need.
Caregivers in Flower Mound TX: How to Get the Help You Need at Your Very First Family Meeting
Caregivers in Flower Mound TX: How to Get the Help You Need at Your Very First Family Meeting

Even if you’ve never held another family meeting in your time as a family caregiver, you can still get at least one person to pitch in and help you and your loved one. The trick lies in preparing as much as possible for the meeting.

Sort out What You and Your Loved One Need and then Prioritize It

Some family caregivers may feel so overwhelmed that they really don’t know what they need anymore. So the way around that is to sit down and make a list. Once you have a thorough list, start assigning priorities to each item. Group higher priority items together so that you can focus on those primarily.

Match Skills with Needs

Now that you have a prioritized needs list, think about who in your family has the skills necessary to do what you need done. Try to think of at least two people for each of your high priority tasks. This allows you to focus on specific tasks for specific people.

Start with a Smaller Group

When you start out a family meeting in which you request help with a lot of people, you may be more likely to hear “no.” If you start out with a smaller group of more core family members, you may be able to keep the meeting more focused and engaged with what they are able to do for your loved one.

Be Open and Honest

Sometimes family members can feel as if you or your loved one are hiding what is really going on or why you need the help in the first place. Be open with your family members and let them know that caregiving is overwhelming for you and that your loved one’s needs right now are demanding.

Don’t Employ Guilt

One trap that you don’t want to fall into is that of using guilt to try to motivate your family members to help. People who are guilted into helping are going to be much more likely to feel resentment. Instead, accept a “no” graciously.

There will be other times that those family members can pitch in. With practice, you’ll be able to hone your technique and increase the likelihood of getting help from your other family members.

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