Hourly Care


Hourly Care Options A professional caregiver can provide in-home or supportive care services up to full-time 24/7 care.  With the help of a professional caregiver, seniors and elders can remain in their living environment of choice and maintain their daily routines.  Professional caregivers are also companions who can [...]

Live In Care


Live In Care Live in care is a great option for seniors that want around the clock care but still sleep throughout most of the night.  With the help of a team of professional caregivers, seniors can receive one-on-one around the clock care that allows them to remain [...]

Ongoing Conditions


Customized Care for Ongoing Conditions Ray of Sunshine Senior Care works with professional caregivers skilled in caring for stroke survivors, Parkinson’s patients, cancer patients, diabetics and those with other ongoing conditions. While many families assume a significant amount of care in these instances, family members are often working [...]

Hospice Support


Quality, Dependable Care for Your Loved Ones For seniors nearing the end of life, the comfort of home is where they and their loved ones prefer. Time with family, friends and pets takes on a new meaning. Professional caregivers can temporarily take over household tasks and activities allowing [...]

Post Hospital Care


Hospital, Rehabilitation and Recovery Care When an elderly patient is hospitalized for a medical procedure or illness stress and confusion often occurs.  Recovery can be lengthy process with a set of unique challenges. A Department of Health & Human Services study found that in April 2015 close to [...]

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