Project Description

Customized Care for Loved Ones With Alzheimer’s or Dementia

A diagnosis of Alzheimer’s or Dementia often begins a trying time while seniors, families and loved ones who must deal with the frustration of new limitations, dependencies and increasing levels of confusion.  Ray of Sunshine Senior Care works with professional caregivers skilled in Alzheimer’s and Dementia care and we are proud to be a certified Dementia Live provider.  Care is available on an hourly or around the clock basis and can be provided in the client’s current living environment which ensures they are in familiar surroundings and a regular routine can be maintained.  Professional caregivers are skilled in a broad range of services which means that a client’s familiar caregiver can remain with them as their needs increase and should a change in living environment is needed their familiar caregiver can accompany them on either a temporary basis to assist with the transition or remain with them on an ongoing basis to provide customized one-on-one services.

Improving Quality of Life Through Professional Caregivers

Professional caregivers can help Alzheimer’s and dementia clients safely remain in familiar surroundings with their preferences and wishes honored.  Caregivers can help maintain a safe environment while dealing with behaviors such as wandering and sundowners.  Caregivers will take the time to learn their clients likes and preferences and incorporate them into a daily routine that provides support and reassurance to the client.  They can encourage regular social interaction and activities keeping your loved one engaged and helping fight depression and isolation.  All caregivers are offered the opportunity to go through the Dementia Live Experience which allows a caregiver or family member to briefly step into the shoes of the client.

Customized Care Options

All care options at Ray of Sunshine Senior Care are customized however due to the progressive nature of Alzheimer’s and dementia this is of particular importance in this area. Our client liaisons are available 24/7 to answer questions and help develop a personalized approach to care to ensure client and family remain in charge of their care and schedule. No long-term contracts are required.


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Thank you for sending Leslie to us.  Mom loved her, I loved her and the dog loved her!!


It is not easy to relay in words the magic of joy, friendship, caring, nurturing, fun, laughter and love that Bonnie brought into our brothers life!  She got the old, sedentary guy moving, laughing, and having a good time!! Bonnie allowed him to be himself.  She accepted him for who he was.  I will be forever grateful to her, as will the rest of his family, for bringing joy into his life in his final days.


Ray of Sunshine Senior Care is very helpful and does everything that I ask them to do


Client Directed


You can negotiate directly with the caregiver regarding items such as service times, locations and duties

Flexible Care

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Long-term contracts are not required, no extended notice needed to stop services, use the services you need, when you need them

Business Assurances


Oldest Licensed Personal Assistance Service Agency in Denton County, all caregivers bonded and covered by professional liability insurance